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Building a Bridge with Divorce Mediation | Stucki Law Firm Blog

Building a Bridge with Divorce Mediation

Building a Bridge with Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is like the safety net used in the construction of the Victoria Falls Bridge in 1905.  There is a chasm between divorcing couples. But to end a marriage, they must get together and build a bridge one last time for purposes of the law. Decisions must be made about 1) the division of property, 2) child support, 3) child custody, and 4) spousal support. Divorce mediation provides a safety net for couples to develop an agreement without litigation.  The other alternative is to hire attorneys to build it for them.

If divorce were a bridge, this is how attorney driven divorce agreements almost always end up.


Both attorneys will argue for decisions that help their client and hurt the opposing side. Divorce litigation is called ‘adversarial’ for a reason. What happens in 90% of divorce cases is that after each party has paid their attorney to puff up their chests and stick it to the other party, they end up settling anyway. Each party takes a look at the attorney bills, and then at the enormous expense of a possible trial, and they decide to try and build a bridge toward an agreement after all.

It is a much harder process to deconstruct an ‘attorney’ bridge and rebuild it so that it meets in the middle. And if the couple cannot do it, there must be an expensive and time consuming trial, and a judge will end up making a decision that neither person particularly wants.

In contrast, Divorce Mediation is a complete divorce solution that avoids much of that whole mess. It is like a safety net under the bridge of agreement built by divorcing couples. It provides a safe working environment where each person can confidentially express themselves and brain storm solutions. Divorce mediation takes less time and money before the couple hires attorneys to represent them and the puffery begins. But mediation can still be very helpful once the couple realizes the horror that a trial will be on themselves, their children, and their wallet.

The most desired result of divorce mediation is a Marital Settlement Agreement that a judge will readily sign off on without the couple even having to set foot in a courtroom.


The Victoria Falls Bridge was built right, and has been in operation for more than a hundred years.

Divorce Mediation can help you build the final bridge of divorce to be just as strong.